And here we go again

Yep, i’m back. (now for real)

I’m just really sorry that I didn’t have time to write on here, but since i’m on holidays I decided to get back. And I have to say that I really missed it.

My 2012 was pretty good, but pretty troubled too. I still got a boyfriend (yey!) and last year I got my first intership which was a good but weird experience. As it as all new to me, I got really scared at first, but I think I handled it well for some time but after a several problems I just had to leave it. And now I’m just crazy to get another internship, and hopefully in my area 🙂

Another amazing experience from last year was the french lessons. I love everything about France and just love their language, so I got pretty excited about doing it and everytime I learn more about it, more in love I am.

College was pretty troubled too, a loooot of work to do but a lot of new things, and now i’m looking foward to the photography class!

One of the my new year’s resolution was to write more. I just love writing and I know that  it makes me feel really good, and I just will not let it go away, so I hope you like me writing because you will see it a lot from now (hopefully).