I was looking for a new bag to buy, but i couldn’t find any until now, when i found this:

The messenger bags, as they are called, are my favourite and they are everywhere now. It’s very stylish and you can find it in great colours and great designers. They have already been in fashion last season, and it will be like that again this season!

This is another bag that i like. I like bags made of cotton because they are easier to use, and they can be either chic or relaxed. This Forever21 bag is really pretty and it’s not expensive, on the site you can find more options like that, you can even find pretty ecobags.

But what is really in fashion now are the clutches! This one is an Alexander McQueen clutch. I don’t really like clutches too much, but this one is pretty and it’s a very good option if you are going to a party or somewhere you don’t bring a huge bag for nothing. There are very stylish options and you can find it anywhere you go now.

So if you like bags, you should enjoy now that every store is in sale! hahah XX


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