As i told you, i made some looks for help decide what to wear on New Year’s Eve!

This first one, i made thinking about people who doesn’t want something too fancy or shiny or anything. I think it’s very cool because it’s not cliche, and the blue matches with the orange, and it’s not a tacky orange!

This one looks casual too like the first one, but the difference is the white dress matching with the red bag. The white dress is very common on New Year’s Eve, but it’s not a party dress like everybody wears on this day. I think it’s different and it’s a very good option for people who wants to wear a white dress but not a party one.

Buuuut if you want something more like a party dress, you have this option. The shiny bag looks really good with the black and white dress, but the difference on this look are the red shoes, because it makes a contrast with the dress and the shiny things of the look, like the clutch and the bracelet.


I hope you liked it and it helps you guys! Xx


on the seventh seal you said you never feel pain

Good night!

I’m about to got to bed, was just finishing my drawing and it took a lot of time to end.

So what are you going to do on New Year’s Eve?! Please don’t wear tangerine clothes, i know it’s the colour of the season but it’s so ugly! I can’t stand seeing clothes like that anymore hahaha

I’m thinking about wearing a white dress that i got from my cousin, it’s very pretty and i will take a picture tomorrow so i can show you. I know wearing white may be cliche and all that, but white is a pretty colour and it’s a colour of the season too, and at least it’s beautiful!

Tomorrow i will try to make a pretty combination to help on new year’s eve, but now i HAVE to sleep! XX

melissa moon!

That’s my  melissa moon! i bought it when i went  shopping and they’re very comfy and pretty.

Just wore  it for christmas and everybody was like ‘wow they’re pretty’ etc. If you like moccasin but not the ones made of leather, they’re a very good option. You can have it on navy blue, black, red like mine, bright blue and pink. In Brazil i paid $50, but they worth it.



Well, hello!

I’m trying to work on this and change everything before i start writing.

I guess i will talk about everything here, but most about design and stuff like that, because that is what i love most.

So i hope you enjoy!